Lindstr?m 酒店

Lindstr?m酒店始建于1845年,由同一家族经营,至今已是第五代人。酒店坐落于世界上最长最深的峡湾上——松恩峡湾深处的莱达尔村中心,这是一个拥有800名居民的小村庄。Lindstr?m酒店共有86间客房,并拥有自己的餐厅、酒吧及商店。着名的弗洛姆铁路距酒店40分钟车程。您可以从莱达尔(Laerdal), 凯于庞厄尔(Kaupanger)或弗洛姆(Fl?m)开始您的峡湾游轮之旅。

Lindstr?m Hotel Introduction

det365是什么意思det365娱乐场所det365娱乐官网输钱Lindstr?m hotel is located by the Sognefjord, the worlds longest and deepest fjord. The hotel was established in 1845 and is still operated by the same family, 5 generation. The hotel is situated in the village centre of Laerdal, a small village with 800 inhabitants. Lindstr?m hotel got 86 rooms, restaurant, bar and shops. Fl?m with the famous Fl?m railway is 40 minutes drive from the hotel. You can do fjordcruises from Laerdal, Kaupanger or Fl?m.?

Lindstr?m 酒店联系方式

地址:?yraplassen 1, 6887 L?rdal

电话:+ 47 57 66 69 00